The Brigade

Planning and mental preparation will be critical to surviving the catastrophic societal meltdown that would occur in the wake of a zombie uprising. The Zombie Defense Brigade is a military and civilian collective with a shared mission: to promote emergency preparedness and increase zombie awareness in anticipation of the inevitable apocalypse. To this end, the Brigade acts as both quartermaster and information source – outfitting its members with survival gear while maintaining a data network where they can undertake missions and augment their survival skills and knowledge of the enemy. Brigade members hail from places throughout the world, united by a commitment to assisting the Resistance and reestablishing social order in the post-apocalyptic world.

Zombie Defense Brigade HeadquartersZombie Defense Brigade HeadquartersZombie Defense Brigade HeadquartersZombie Defense Brigade HeadquartersZombie Defense Brigade Headquarters

Survival packs, supplies, and specialty gear can be purchased from The Armory. The Nexus contains all Zombie Defense Brigade intel, where members will find information related to: undead combat tactics, ranged and melee weapons, bushcraft and survival skills, self sufficiency in urban and rural environments, medical treatment and first aid, radio communication, zombie movies, books and games, etc. Mission Briefings are also posted here. Completing each mission advances a member’s rank, eventually granting additional discounts on gear from the Armory, access to unique or limited quantity items, and the ability to establish an outpost or safehouse.

Whether you are an avid outdoorsman, hardcore survivalist, fanatical religious zealot anticipating imminent armageddon, or just a serious zombie aficionado looking for a practical gift or novelty item, our memberships provide information and access to gear that will serve you well for a lifetime. Being prepared is the first step in protecting yourself and your loved ones from the unexpected. The zombie apocalypse could occur without warning, and early preparation will determine the very survival of our species. In the War Against the Undead, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Oh, and one more thing Soldier…

Welcome to the Brigade.

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